The iPad is Dolphin Safe

2Dolphins on iPad
 Thanks Ryan for the picture!

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New Year, New House

Rob hinted in a previous post that big changes were coming for 2010.   Well, we finally got Liam potty trained so we decided that, with all the money saved on Pull-Ups, we could afford to buy a new house!

So, after more than 17 years, dozens of coats of paint, several major renovation projects, and countless memories, we’ve actually said "goodbye" to our old home, packed up our stuff, and moved on down the road.   Scary?   More than you could know!   Kinda sad?   Yeah, it’s tough to imagine that the old house isn’t our home any longer.   Exciting?   Unbelievably!   Here’s the front of our new house:

front of new house

We did some prep work before the move-in and after nearly a full day of grueling wallpaper removal, we got Liam’s new room ready for paint — and in his favorite color, of course!

Liam’s room wallpaper removal
Liam’s blue room

With lots of help from Ryan, we finished painting Liam’s room, the office, the dining room ceiling and the living room before the big move.

Liam was very excited about helping to prepare for the move.   He couldn’t wait to box up his toys and put them with our other boxes.

Liam boxes up his toys

So on February 27th we officially moved into our new house. We couldn’t have done it without the tireless help of Ryan, Martin & Adrian.   Thanks guys for giving up your Saturday to help us and thanks to Linda for loaning us your trailer!

The Move Crew

Stay tuned for more pictures as we finish unboxing and settling in at the house!

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A Round Dinnertime

Dede spotted this awesome video of a unique dolphin hunting technique that was recently showcased in the BBC "Life" series.   Aerial photography reveals how some ingenious bottlenose dolphins off of the Florida coast use their powerful tail flukes to create a ring of mud to trap fish in shallow waters.   The panicked fish jump out of the water away from the ring, right into the waiting mouths of the other dolphins in the hunting pod.   Interestingly, only one female in the pod creates these rings — always counter-clockwise — and she does it over & over until the whole pod is fed.

Kinda reminds me of another article about dolphins in southern Brazil hunting fish cooperatively with humans.   Now if we could just get people to work together as well as the dolphins do, how great would that be?

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New Year, New Car

Rob predicted last month that 2010 would be a year of transitions.   And even before that, he hinted several months ago, that a big car change was afoot.

Still, its come as a huge shock to nearly everyone who knows me, that the Caliente era is coming to a close.   My beloved Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible was a fantastic, fun car for two, but not at all a good fit for three.   So, a couple of weeks ago we said "Hello" to our new, comfy, more family-oriented car (dubbed Rocket by Liam).

2010 Honda CR-V

Its a bit bittersweet, of course, knowing that this means a very sad "Goodbye" to my sweet little Cali, who sits dejected on the curb with a forlorn "For Sale" perched in her windshield.   (Call me for a price on an award-winning, sporty, fun, little car!)

Is this the first of more big changes to come in 2010?   Oh yes!   Stay tuned…

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Gotcha Day – 2 Year Anniversary

Happy Gotcha Day, Liam!

I can’t believe its been 2 years already!   As many developments as the past year has brought, its hard to imagine what’s in store for us in the year to come.

Here’s what has become our traditional stairway comparison photos on Gotcha Day:

Liam’s Gotcha Day 2008 Liam’s Gotcha Day 2010

After dinner, the festivities continued with the traditional homemade Gotcha Day cupcakes!

Gotcha Day 2010 Cupcakes Gotcha Day 2010 Cupcakes Gotcha Day 2010 Cupcakes


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Thrifty Yet Nifty, Even After Fifty!

In yesterday’s New Year’s post I noted that 2010 is destined to be an eventful year, loaded with all sorts of special occasions.   One such milestone is the 50th anniversary of one our favorite books — "Green Eggs and Ham."

Green Eggs and HamAfter writing "The Cat in the Hat" in 1955 using only 223 words, Theodor ("Ted") Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, bet his publisher Bennett Cerf $50 that he could write a book using only 50 words.   Seuss collected on the wager in 1960 with the publication of "Green Eggs and Ham" which did indeed use only 50 distinct words — of which, only one ("anywhere") has more than a single syllable.   This simplistic yet infectious book has become the 4th best-selling children’s hardcover book of all time.

Liam has a number of Dr. Seuss books, but this one is our favorite by far.   I especially enjoy acting out the exasperation felt by the story’s unnamed, flustered antagonist who is pestered relentlessly by the persistent Sam I Am!

Trivia:  To memorialize Dr. Seuss upon his death in 1991,
Reverend Jesse Jackson recited "Green Eggs and Ham"
during a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment.

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A New Decade Begins

Snoopy Happy New Year graphic

I expect 2010 will be a remarkable time of significant changes and happenings!   It’s the beginning of a hopeful new decade and this’ll undoubtedly be a year of many special milestones.   Dede & I wish you all a healthy & happy new year!

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